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Music Parents Association of LaZerte (MPAL)

Mission Statement

To support our music students and enhance and promote the Music Program at M.E. LaZerte High School as essential programming and a valued educational experience in our school and community.

Music Parents Association of LaZerte Executive Key Contacts 2017- 2018:
Betty Mah – President bettymah63@gmail.com
Marilyn Calkins – Vice President marilyncalkings@gmail.com
Holly Gilbert – Secretary hollycg29@aim.com
Brooke Hayes - Treasurer

Brooke@esaf.ca (Work)



Members at Large:

Holly Greep hollygreep@gmail.com
Kim Green kim@sweetzir.com
Becky Tanner becky@thetanners.ca
Kevin Gunderman k.gunderman@shaw.ca
Kevin Berndtsson kberndtsson@hotmail.com


Ex-Officio Members:

Bob Lowry


Music Director  
Corey Whaley corey.whaley@epsb.ca