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School Fees

School fees include Board approved textbook rentals and course fees which enrich student learning. Examples include: personal student workbooks, field trips, course consumables and project materials. These fees are due at the time of registration or a payment plan can be arranged with the Office Administrator.

Payment of fees can made online by logging on to School Zone, click on the Fee tab and select the individual fees you are choosing to pay. To prepay for a monthly bus pass or to load cafeteria funds on to a student ID card, within the Fee tab click on “show more fees” and select the fee you want to pay.

The Accounting office is open between 8:15 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. on school days. We accept cash, cheques, VISA, Master Card and Interac as methods of payment.

NOTE: Students on athletic teams must pay for their school fees before they can participate in league games. As well, grade 12 students must pay for school fees before they can participate in Grad.