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Support Courses

We offer extra support for students who need it to succeed in core classes. 

S Classes

S Classes are taught in a structured environment by teachers who show students how to practice strategies to improve their learning and meet their personal and academic goals. Support + Classes = Success. S Classes include Math 10-3S, English 10-2S, Science 14S and Social Studies 10-2S in grade 10 and continue a supported pathway through grade 11 and 12. Students are focused on earning a Diploma and complete the -2 curriculum over three years.


-4 Courses Knowledge and Employability (KAE)

English 10-4, Math 10-4, Science 10-4, and Social Studies 10-4 are ideal courses for students to become well prepared for the world of work. Students are focused on earning a Certificate of Achievement and complete the Knowledge and Employability curriculum over three years.


English Language Arts Program 


Math Program 

Possible Sequences - Mathematics Course Sequences


Science Program


Social Program



KAE Occupational to CTS