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Principal's Message

M.E. LaZerte High School is like no other high school. Yes, we have top academic programming with our International Baccalaureate Programme, Mandarin Bilingual program with our Confucius Classroom, and more Career Pathways opportunities with numerous CTS courses including Pre-Nursing Medical, Cross Fit, Pre-Engineering, Construction, Design Studies…the list is so large that it is difficult to find coursework that we don’t offer! But we are more than just the courses we offer…rather, we are a community that is working together to create authentic learning spaces dedicated to positive interactions,  activities, and community partnerships. We honour the student voice, as highlighted by opportunities to try innovative courses, hear top rated speakers, and initiate collaborative projects together with our catchment schools.

Through conversation, action, and modeling, we emphasize to our entire community that M.E. LaZerte is a place of respect. Coffee & Conversation breakfasts for parents are hosted throughout the year to recognize parent input through discussion and solution based conversations. We enhance Progress Meetings with the addition of speakers and interest displays related to career pathways and host Parent Awareness evenings for our entire catchment on relevant topics for families. This information is available through a weekly parent email showcasing events in our school and ways to get involved. Our administrative team carries out a Friday Five process to reach out to parents. Catchment work focuses on aligning curriculum and practice so our students experience smooth transitions between schools and grades, while teacher teams focus on uniquely developed goals to support student learning and professional development. Teachers and students have requested and received standing desks to activate learners and encourage movement. We teach with an open door, nurture teacher goals through one-on-one meetings, and use technology to enhance and facilitate student learning. This action plan underscores our school re-branding and commitment to our communal role in supporting Global Citizenship.

Student passions will be developed through involvement in a variety of events that showcase our desire to strengthen our community. Our FNMI Circle of Courage and Newcomer support groups will receive additional provisions through goal setting, mentorship and meaningful connections with elders. Social Media feeds will highlight the numerous positive engagements our students and staff lead and will improve our ability to connect with our community. We will collaborate with parents and families within our school to provide access to nutritious meals and our students will give back to their community through these contributions. We will continue to develop and maintain community partnerships which foster the success of students and families.

M.E. LaZerte continues to work to inspire passion, develop character, and change lives. This is our school, and we invite you in to part of it!



Kim Backs


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