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  • UPDATE NOV. 3 - QUARTER TWO Course Change

    • Quarter 2 timetables will be released on schoolzone on November 3rd at 9:30 PM.
      • Due to some students moving online, timetables may have changed.
    • Please check schoolzone for your most up to date timetable. Don't look at previous versions of your timetable. If you feel you need a course change, you can request a change by filling out this form.
    • Please only fill the form out once. School staff are working hard to complete all requests, but it may take a few days before your request is completed. 
    • The deadline for Quarter 2 course changes is Nov. 6 at 12 PM
  • Improved ETS Bus Routes and Times for M.E. LaZerte

    M.E. LaZerte, Edmonton Public Schools, and Edmonton Transit Services have agreed to changed bus route times to better serve our students and our 9:45am start time. Please take note of the changes below, the dates these changes take effect, and make any adjustments to student and family scheduling and planning as needed. 

    The following changes will be made Tuesday, October 13:

    • Route 10, the trip will be shifted 50 minutes later to depart Coliseum Transit Centre at 9:15 and arrive at Belvedere Transit Centre at 9:37 (9:30 at M.E. LaZerte).

    • Route 181, the trip will be shifted 53 minutes later to depart West Clareview Transit Centre at 9:05 and arrive at Belvedere Transit Centre at 9:39 (9:31 at M.E. LaZerte).

    • Route 182, the trip will be shifted 53 minutes later to depart Northgate Transit Centre at 9:10 and arrive at Eaux Claires Transit Centre at 9:41 (9:25 at M.E. LaZerte).

    The following changes will be made in Monday, November 30:

    • Route 10, the trip will be shifted 60 minutes later to depart East Clareview Transit Centre at 9:33 and arrive at Coliseum Transit Centre at 9:49 (9:32 at M.E. LaZerte).

    • Route 187, the trip will be shifted 45 minutes later to depart Clareview Road &  132A Avenue at  9:18 and arrive 72 Street & 144 Avenue at 9:32. (9:30 at M.E. LaZerte).

    • Route 188, the trip will be shifted 57 minutes later to depart Eaux Claires Transit Centre at 9:18 and arrive 69 Street & 144 Avenue at 9:30.

    • Route 188, the trip will be shifted 44 minutes later to depart 28 Street & Clareview Road at 9:07 and arrive 88A Street & 144 Avenue at 9:37 (9:30 at M.E. LaZerte). 


  • A big thank-you to UNBELTS for their mask donation

    Thank you UNBELTS for their donation of 200 masks for our students to use. These will be put to good use and are appreciated! 

  • Student Illness What to Do. When to Get Tested for Covid. Legal Requirements if You Test Positive or Negative.

    Please read this important document from the Government of Alberta instructing what a student needs to do if they are ill, given the current Covid pandemic. 

  • Helpful to Know Where You Should be in the School: Colour Coded Floor Maps for Quarter One - 2020

    This map is a quick reference to the colour coded floor maps for quarter one, 2020. Use this map to know where to enter, exit, and where you should be during your in-school classes. 


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