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Circle of Courage

At M.E. LaZerte, we continue to connect our students to our community, and have implemented the Circle of Courage into what we practice in our school. It has four main components which in-clude Belonging, Mastery, Independence and Generosity. The Circle of Courage students (all are welcome) meet on Thursdays throughout the year during the MEL Time. The group usually starts with a smudge and then sessions are facilitated utilizing the Circle of Courage model.

There is a snack provided for the participants, too, and often includes homemade cinnamon sugar bannock! Our Circle of Courage Leadership Program has presented at numerous conferences and for many schools and organizations. They have been recognized at the National Gathering for Indigenous Education Indspire Conference for their inspiring and life altering work, and have had the chance to interact with government members about their impact. This is truly an honour for Veronica Graff and her group of students from Londonderry and M.E. LaZerte, and it speaks to the difference we are making in students’ lives as they go out to share this message with others.

We appreciate what all of our students bring to our school, and we welcome suggestions & messages you want to share with us. Please contact Veronica Graff, Indigenous Advisor at 780-408-9800 ext 2152.