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Division Re-entry Strategy

Read our COVID-19 Division Re-entry Strategy for information about how we’re welcoming students and staff back into schools this September.We’re preparing to welcome students and staff back into schools this September.


Student Services

School is now considered full at grade 10, 11 and 12 and cannot accept any new students other than:

  • *RESIDENT* students who newly moved into the attendance area after April 15th.
  • Attendance area or current students who were not successful in a random selection at another school.
  • Attendance area students who did not participate in pre-enrolment and cannot remain at their current school.

For further information please contact heidi.mclachlan@epsb.ca

Confused about program planning? Wondering about graduation requirements and college and university entrance? Need some direction about possible career choices? Need someone to talk to about a personal or financial problem? Book an appointment in Student Services (located on the main floor by the atrium) to see one of our Community Agency Support Workers.

M.E. LaZerte Counsellors and their Alpha Groups:

Mrs. Parrish (A-D) - heather.parrish@epsb.ca
Mr. Gillard (E-K) - thomas.gillard@epsb.ca
Mrs. Millham (L-Q) - paula.millham@epsb.ca
Ms. Drysdale (R-Z) - nicole.drysdale@epsb.ca
Mrs. Segin - Department of Inclusive Learning erin.segin@epsb.ca 

M.E. LaZerte Youth Worker

Lisa Casillas

M.E. LaZerte Community Agency Support Workers:

Ruth Gitaka - Edmonton Immigration Services Association - ruth.gitaka@partner.epsb.ca

M.E. LaZerte Administrative Assistant:

Ms. Heidi McLachlan - heidi.mclachlan@epsb.ca  



Student Services offers the following services:

Educational Counselling

  • selection of courses
  • program planning
  • graduation requirements
  • college or university entrance requirements / information
  • technical school / apprenticeship requirements / information
  • transitioning to post-secondary

 Financial Assistance

  • scholarship information
  • grant and loan information for high school, college and/or university

 Personal Counselling

  • confidential discussion of personal and family concerns
  • conflict resolution / anger management

 Career Counselling

  • establishing career goals
  • exploration of related occupations
  • brochures and pamphlets on career and post secondary institutions
  • career presentations


  • counsellors can provide appropriate referral to other school system services or agencies


  • A variety of tutoring services are available through Student Services. These include peer tutoring, university students through the Study Buddy program, and other community organizations. Please contact Student Services for more information.


  • A Mentor helps students to feel comfortable and achieve success, in school. Come in to find out more about this program.

Parent/Student Resources

Dates/Information to note:

Schedules and Course Changes for the 2019/2020 School Year:

  • Counsellors are available for course changes until Tuesday, September 3rd. All course changes must be completed by this date.

Work Experience:

  • If you worked this summer you can earn credits, or if you have a job now and wish to earn credits through this chool year, please visit Student Services to pick up an application package.

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