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Campus EPSB

Campus EPSB is designed as an additional way for students to earn high school credits and industry credentials, to get ahead of their studies or prepare for post-secondary. It’s a great way to explore opportunities and get hands-on experiences that can help students plan their next steps.

Programs are offered in the first or second semester at Centre High Campus, Eastglen, M.E. LaZerte, McNally, Queen Elizabeth and W.P. Wagner schools.

Three blocks of the day (15 credits) will be spent in Campus EPSB programming and one block in a core or option course (5 credits) required for graduation, with the exception of Health Care Aide that runs all four blocks of the day. Watch short video.

Have questions? Please contact Jordan.dunn@epsb.ca or visit Campus EPSB.  TO APPLY: Complete the online application form by January 30, 2019.


Keep in mind that transportation to Campus EPSB programs won’t be co-ordinated by the school or the program. Students who take one of the 2019-2020 semester programs are still considered students of their current school and won’t be able to transfer to the other school when the semester is done.



Automotive Service Technician

M.E. LaZerte School

Computer Science

Queen Elizabeth School


W.P. Wagner School 

Emergency Response Career Pathways (ERCP Level 1)

Centre High Campus 

Health Care Aide

McNally School

Performing Arts

Eastglen School

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math (STEAM)

W.P. Wagner School

Steel Construction

M.E. LaZerte School


M.E. LaZerte School, 6804-144 Ave, 15 credits, second semester

This dual credit program allows you to work with industry professionals as you start apprenticeship training in the automotive service technician program.  More information here. Highlights and credentials include:

  • vehicle service information
  • electrical circuits
  • brake fundamentals
  • suspension systems
  • first period apprenticeship training


Queen Elizabeth School, 9425-132 Ave, 15 credits, second semester

Understand the world of computers from start to finish. This program will give you time to build your skills in computing and technology. More information here.  Highlights include:

  • coding
  • programming
  • program integration
  • computer repair
  • CISCO certification


Argyll Centre, 6859-100 Ave, Work Experience credits, second semester

Connecting Occupational Opportunities (CO-OP) is an opportunity that connects high school students to employers for semester-long work experience and exploration. In the first two weeks, students will complete in-class work to prepare for their job with an emphasis on workplace health and safety. Students will then be matched with an employer and work on site for the remainder of their placement, with the exception of four days at school to meet with the CO-OP supervisor. On the job, students will demonstrate responsibility and a strong work ethic to reflect their workplace’s practices and standards.

CO-OP works best for students in Grades 11 and 12. Placements will be dependent on:

  • availability of the request
  • interviews with the employer


W.P. Wagner School, 6310 Wagner Road NW, 20 credits, first semester

Start apprenticeship training in the Hairstylist first period technical training program, working alongside industry professionals. Explore various aspects of the cosmetology industry, including haircutting and styling techniques, chemical hair colouring and perming techniques, esthetic services such as make up application, and client services and sales.

Costs include:

  • $230 (Cosmetology kit)


J. Percy Page, 2707 Mill Woods Road NW, 15 credits, second semester 

Explore careers, gain experiences and network with industry professionals all while working through ground school. Highlights include the opportunity to write the Private Pilot’s License Exam (PSTAR), Restricted Radio Operator Certificate (ROC-A) and Drone Pilot Certificate, all in preparation for completing your Private Pilot’s License.

Watch for more information for 2021-22.


Argyll Centre, 6859-100 Ave, Work Experience credits, second semester

Industry locations: Ironworkers Local 720, 6303 Roper Road; Local 1460 Alberta Millwrights, 15210-123 Ave

Gain skills in various aspects of the iron-working trade - structural, ornamental and reinforcing (tying rebar), as well as developing welding skills. You will also gain skills in various aspects of the millwright/industrial mechanic trade - precision layout, optical leveling, tool identification and blueprint reading, while earning industry recognized credentials. This opportunity is open to students 16 years of age and older.


Lillian Osborne, 2019 Leger Road NW, 15 credits, second semester

Become the designers, merchandisers, artists and illustrators of the future. After learning the fundamentals of fashion, you will have the opportunity to explore and bridge your learning into specific disciplines of clothing, pattern and interior design. You will continue the journey in fashion with clothing line production, collection development and the business of fashion. You will also design your own cutting-edge digital portfolio. Create dynamic presentations and sharpen your photography skills while you learn about the fashion industry and business of fashion. Connect with industry professionals and learn from experts in the field to surge forward with your passion for fashion.

Costs include:

  • $150 (Sewing kit, fabric, consumable materials, etc.) 


Eastglen School, 11430-68 St, 15 credits, second semester

Immerse yourself in the performing arts. Learn and develop your skills while connecting with community and performing arts professionals. More information here. Highlights include:

  • technical theatre
  • acting
  • dancing
  • choreography
  • vocal training
  • portfolio development


W.P. Wagner School, 6310 Wagner Road NW, 15 credits, second semester

Apply concepts by designing hands-on projects to demonstrate your understanding of science, technology, engineering, and art through literacy and mathematics.  Explore engineering fields with an emphasis on art and science.  Earn credentials and certifications while exploring engineering fields. More information here.


The following Career Pathways are open to fourth and fifth year high school students:

  • Business Innovation
  • Emergency Response
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Technology, Digital Arts and Computers
  • Working with Children

For more information, contact Centre High Campus