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Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP)

M.E. LaZerte is proud of the partnerships with community employers supporting our young apprentices. You have a chance to complete your high school diploma, earn a competitive wage and begin a registered apprenticeship in a skilled trade: all before you graduate!

The RAP program offers training in nearly 60 certified trades in Alberta, including:

  • Construction trades, such as carpentry
  • Automotive trades, such as mechanics
  • Oilfield trades, such as welding and boilermaking
  • Food service trades, such as cooking and baking
  • Hairstyling

Students apply to be accepted into RAP in spring of their Grade 10 or 11 year. The attendance and work ethic you show in your classes are major factors in being accepted into RAP. Students normally begin their on-the-job RAP placement in the summer between Grade 10 and 11. For more information, visit RAP.